Today’s BBB

Today's BBB
Have you ever wondered about today’s BBB? Below is a quick snapshot on who we are and what we do!

Today’s BBB continues to set the standard for trust between businesses and consumers. For over 90 years, BBB of Upstate New York has been the leader in trust. We serve the 48 counties in Upstate New York.

Last year, over 2 million people turned to us to find businesses they can trust. Most of our programs and services are free to businesses and consumers.

Our Vision: An ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers can trust each other.

Our Mission: To be the leader in advancing marketplace trust.Do you have a complaint about a business? We handle thousands of complaints from consumers each year. We also offer information and tips on how to protect your home and business from computer attacks.When an unscrupulous business comes to our attention, our investigator works with local law enforcement to take the appropriate action. Every day, we work to provide businesses and consumers with timely information and tips.

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