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Mar 13

Don’t get scammed when buying March Madness tickets!

Basketball fans are excited for the 2017 NCAA Tournament, with the first round being held at the KeyBank Center in Buffalo. As March Madness gets underway, Better Business Bureau of Upstate New York is urging fans to buy tickets from reputable sources and avoid scammers. “As Buffalo prepares for basketball fans from all over the …

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Jan 27

Can you hear me? Do not say yes!

Answering “yes” to the question “can you hear me?” is all a scammer needs to execute the latest phone call scam. Better Business Bureau of Upstate New York is seeing a dramatic increase in reports on our Scam Tracker and calls to our office reporting this scam. There are three different “versions” of the scam …

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Aug 30

Grandparent scammers request iTunes gift card payment

Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Upstate New York is warning the public about scammers asking for iTunes gift cards as a method of payment. The trend began to appear in reports to BBB’s Scam Tracker system late last year and so far, there have been 200 reports nationwide of scammers asking people for iTunes gift cards. …

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Jul 27

Fake email trying to take advantage of Pokemon GO players

Did you get an email from Pokemon GO…well, it’s a scam. Scammers are trying to take advantage of players of the popular game. The latest version is a phishing email that tries to fool players into thinking they need to pay for the game. How the scam works  You receive an email which reads “due to …

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Jul 12

Beware of summer employment scams

Summertime means some people are out looking for a part time job before school starts again, or they are looking to supplement their income with an additional job. Better Business Bureau of Upstate New York wants everyone to be aware of employment scams, especially this time of year. BBB’s Scam Tracker shows several job scams, mostly …

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May 31

Scam alert: Vanity awards

Better Business Bureau of Upstate New York is warning businesses of a vanity award scheme going around. Reports from Buffalo and Rochester area business owners to BBB’s Scam Tracker say they received emails stating they are the winner of a “2016 Best of [TYPE OF BUSINESS]” award in their city. It turns out that businesses …

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May 23

More fake coupons popping up

Another week means more fake coupons popping up on social media. Have you seen that Kohl’s coupon offer on Facebook?  It’s a clickbait scam. Scammers are again posing as a well-known retailer to try and get people to click on the link, possibly opening themselves up to malware. All of the tell-tale scams signs are …

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May 03

Those yellow page invoices are not real!

Those yellow page invoices that are coming into offices across Upstate New York are not real, and should not be paid. Businesses are reporting to Better Business Bureau’s Scam Tracker that a phony directory invoice is coming in via fax, demanding payment for services that owners say they didn’t receive. The invoice, from American Yellow Group, …

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Apr 26

Avoid paving scams this spring season

Better Business Bureau of Upstate New York wants everyone to recognize and avoid paving scams this spring season. Since March 1, BBB received over 6,300 inquiries from the public about paving contractors. A check of BBB’s Scam Tracker shows that paving scams are being reported across the country. Most of the reports start the same …

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Apr 21

Microsoft is not calling you!

Microsoft is not calling you, it’s a scam. Several Central and Western New Yorkers are telling Better Business Bureau of Upstate New York’s Scam Tracker that they received a phone call from someone claiming to be “Microsoft tech support” or they will simply say they are calling from tech support.  They say there are viruses or …

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