Mar 10

BBB at the WNY Home & Garden Expo in Hamburg, NY

Better Business Bureau of Upstate New York met with our Accredited Businesses at the WNY Home & Garden Expo at the end of February. The event was held at the Fairgrounds Event Center in Hamburg, and drew thousands of people looking to get a jump on spring and home improvement season. Companies from all over Western New York showcased their work, from simple garden projects to pools to new houses.

Thank you to the following BBB Accredited Businesses who attended:

A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair
ADT Security
Allegany Mountain Resort
ARB Heating & Cooling
Barden Homes
Bath Fitter
Bean Concrete, LLC
Beauty Pools, Inc.
Black Rock Roofing
Braymiller Builders of WNY
Capital Heat, Inc.
Carpet Factory Outlet
CertaPro Painters of WNY
Colley’s Pools & Spas
Cortese Construction Services
Culligan Water
Darling Paint
Designer Pools
Everdry Waterproofing of Upstate New York
Expert Contracting
First Buffalo Total Basement Finishing
Frank’s Basement Systems
Hamburg Overhead Door Inc.
Heatwave Heating & Cooling
House Crafters
Indoor Air Professionals
Isaac Heating & Air Conditioning
Ivy Lea Construction
Joe Basil Chevrolet
John Sixt and Son, Inc.
Lakeside Sod Supply Co., Inc.
Mario & Son Tile and Linoleum
Mattress Firm
Modern Window of NY, Inc
Munro Products
National Overhead Door, Inc.
Paint of WNY
PCS Plumbing & Heating
Pella Windows of Buffalo
Phoenix Home Improvement of WNY, Inc.
Quality Craft Contracting
Realty Smith
Renewal by Andersen of WNY
Satellite Solutions & Electronics of WNY
Seneca Plumbing & Heating Supply
Solar by CIR
Springville Door & Window, Inc.
Sunroom Additions & Improvements, Inc.
Tanner Remodeling & Construction
The Gutter People of WNY/ Gutter Helmet
The Kaz Companies, Inc.
The Vinyl Outlet
Tripi’s Landscaping LLC
Universal Windows Direct of Buffalo
WaterCure USA
Williamstown Construction/Superior Insulation


Feb 22

BBB at the Albany Times Union Home Expo

Better Business Bureau of Upstate New York met with our Accredited Businesses at the Albany Times Union Home Expo this month. The event drew thousands of people looking for new ideas and companies to make their home improvement “to-do” list a reality!

Thank you to the following BBB Accredited Businesses who attended:

American Design & Contracting, LLC

Aztech Geothermal, LLC

Basement Waterproofing, Inc.

Bath Fitter

Bellamy Construction

Bennett Contracting, Inc.

Capital CoverCrete

Champion Window Company of Albany

Culligan of the Hudson Valley

Curtis Lumber Company Inc.

Direct Energy Solar

Dorini, LLC Log & Custom Homes

Earl B. Feiden Inc.

Empire Overhead Doors, LLC

Family Danz Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

Fridholm Painting & Remodeling

Hudson Solar

Lotus Energy Inc.

Monolith Solar Associates, LLC

NAVCO Windows & Doors

Normanskill Custom Cabinetry

Otterbeck Builders, Inc.

R.M. Pena Inc.

ReBath of Albany

Seamless Gutter & Supply Company


Symmetry, The Technology Company

Window Depot USA of Albany

Window World of the Capital District




Jan 27

Can you hear me? Do not say yes!

Answering “yes” to the question “can you hear me?” is all a scammer needs to execute the latest phone call scam. Better Business Bureau of Upstate New York is seeing a dramatic increase in reports on our Scam Tracker and calls to our office reporting this scam.

There's a new phone scam out there!

There’s a new phone scam out there!

There are three different “versions” of the scam calls: Phishing, employment, and vacations.

People in Central New York and the Capital Region report the following:

“I returned a missed call and was asked if this was (my name) and I answered yes. I’m job-hunting at the time and the phone call said they were following up on a request for info about going back to college that I submitted but they could not tell me who I submitted it through. I am unaware of ever requesting any info about college. And I just heard about a scam on the news that sounds pretty similar to this. Wanted to report it.”

“Caller said they were having trouble with headset and asked ‘can you hear me?’ I replied ‘yes.’”

“Just saw this on the news about someone calling and trying to record the word “Yes.” A man called and said he was with the customer support team and asked if I could hear him. He then went on to say I’d won a vacation and I hung up.”

“When phone answered-scam recording acted like they couldn’t hear the answer stated a problem with their headset. Once “headset” was fixed stated I won a vacation.”

scam tracker can you hear me

How the scam works:
A call comes in from someone who provides an introduction and identifies the business or agency they supposedly represent. After the introduction, the recording will ask if you can hear the caller clearly. If you answer “yes,” there’s a chance that was recorded by the scammer. They could use your agreement to sign you up for a product or service, and then demand payment for it. If you refuse, the caller may produce your recorded “yes” response to confirm your purchase agreement.

What you should do:
If you receive an unsolicited call from an organization or business, just hang up. Avoid responding with “yes, sure or ok.”

The scammer may ask you to press a button to sign up for the Do Not Call Registry. Just hang up the phone. Saying anything or pressing buttons when prompted may help the scammer identify that you have an active phone number. Remember that no government agency will ever solicit for the Do Not Call Registry.

Write down the phone number of those callers violating the Do Not Call Registry and file a scam report with BBB Scam Tracker and FTC’s Do Not Call List.

BBB advises to check your account statements frequently in the event you do fall for a similar scam or provide personal information in an unsolicited phone call. The earlier you identify unauthorized charges on your accounts, the easier it will be to recover any lost money.


Jan 26

Protecting your credit cards

Even with credit card chip technology, protecting your credit cards from fraud is still important.

Niagara County Sheriff’s deputies are warning people about skimmers on credit card machines. 

Better Business Bureau of Upstate New York wants everyone to keep their cards safe when using them at retail establishments.

What are skimmers?
Skimmers are card readers that can take your information fraudulently and get it in the hands of criminals.

Skimmers are commonly found on gas pumps and ATMs. Remember, if a card reader appears to have been tampered with, it’s best to not use it and let someone know.

What can you do? 

BBB has advice for protecting your credit card:
Credit Card Protection Info

There is a light at the end of the tunnel; Arrests were recently made in Genesee County. Read more here.


Jan 09

Looking to join a gym and get fit in the new year? BBB has advice

If you are looking to get fit and join a gym in the new year, you aren’t alone.

Each January, millions of people crowd into gyms, health clubs, and fitness centers. While it’s exciting to gear up towards a goal, Better Business Bureau of Upstate New York advises everyone to treat this like any major purchases. BBB received hundreds of complaints about gyms, fitness centers and health clubs across North America in the last two years.

2017 new years resolution is exercise calendar icon

Many complaints were related to contract issues. Remember, those who ask the right questions and read the fine print are more likely to be satisfied.

Five questions to ask the gym:

What are the terms of any introductory offers? Make sure you understand the terms and what price the service will be once the introductory period is over.

Will my membership renew automatically? Many times people join a gym but don’t consider what happens when the original contract runs out. Some gym contracts renew automatically unless they are canceled.

How can I get out of my contract?effect-of-leaving-gym-on-your-health

Getting out of any contract isn’t always as easy as getting into one. Make sure you understand what steps are necessary to cancel your contract.

What happens if I move? Gyms have any number of policies for what happens if you move. It might depend on how far away you’re moving and if they have affiliate gyms you could attend.

What happens if it goes out of business? Ask the gym to explain what will happen to your money if it goes out of business.

Five questions to ask yourself when looking at a prospective gym:

What are my fitness goals? Determining your fitness goals in advance will help you select the most appropriate facility for your needs. If you have a serious medical condition, consult a medical professional when setting your fitness goals.

Is this location convenient? If the gym is across town, you’ll be less likely to work out. Choose a fitness club that is convenient for you from work and home.

Can I really afford this? Monthly gym fees add up and after any introductory periods are over, the price could jump higher than your budget can handle. Do the math before you join and make sure you can afford the gym membership.

Am I feeling pressured to join? Do not give into high-pressure sales tactics to join right away. A reputable gym will give you enough time to read the contract thoroughly, tour the facility, and make an informed decision.

Did I get everything in writing? Read the contract carefully and make sure that all verbal promises made by the salesperson are in writing. What matters is the document you sign, not what you heard.

For more information, visit




Dec 07

Why that gift exchange on Facebook could be a scam and is illegal

From Secret Sister to a wine exchange, that gift exchange on Facebook seems too good to be true. Better Business Bureau of Upstate New York says that while it may be tempting to jump in, it could lead to you getting scammed and at the end of the day, it is illegal.

Here’s what you might see in your Facebook feed:

A new twist to the "Secret Sister" gift scam is wine.

A new twist to the “Secret Sister” gift scam is wine.

Or this, the original post:

This is a pyramid scheme, which is illegal.

This is a pyramid scheme, which is illegal.

BBB did the research and according to the New York State Attorney General’s office, a pyramid scheme is “a fraudulent system of making money based on recruiting an ever-increasing number of  ‘investors,'” in this case, ‘sisters’ or ‘wine drinkers’ who recruit more people to participate.

Why it is illegal

This “gift exchange” is a twist on the old chain letter. Chain letters would come to your house, tell you to send a certain amount of money to the person at the top of the list, cross them off, then add your name to the bottom and send it along.  According to the United States Postal Service:  “Chain letters are a form of gambling, and sending them through the mail (or delivering them in person or by computer, but mailing money to participate) violates Title 18, United States Code, Section 1302, the Postal Lottery Statute.”


  • Ignore the scam if it appears in your Facebook feed.

  • Never give out personal information to someone you don’t know.

  • Remember that participating is in fact, breaking the law.

  • Keep in mind that pyramid schemes do not work – not even when they are promoted by Facebook friends.

If you every have a question about something you see on social media, feel free to call BBB at 800-828-5000 or check out BBB’s Scam Tracker. 




Nov 23

Avoid being the victim of a snowplow scam!

Do you know how to avoid being the victim of a snowplow scam?

Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Upstate New York reminds everyone to do their homework before hiring a snow removal service. By doing so, you will know to be on the lookout for prices too good to be true, fly by night operations, and other red flags.


BBB urges everyone to keep these important tips in mind when hiring snow removal services:

Look for experience. Each home or business is different and experience does matter. Check to see if everyone who works for the company you hire has relevant experience, not just the owner.

Ask about scheduling. Some contractors do snowplowing as a part-time job, and this may affect their availability to clear a driveway when needed. Always check to see if there is a schedule for snow removal.

Get more than one estimate. BBB recommends you get at least three estimates before making a decision. Ask for all the costs upfront to avoid any surprises. Keep in mind the lowest price doesn’t always mean the best service.

Ask about insurance. Who is responsible for damage of your home or grounds during the winter season? Find out what type of insurance coverage potential contractors provide, as well as homeowner’s insurance. Does a municipality require the contractor to have a permit or license? Before you hire anyone, make some calls to find out and then check to make sure the contractor is appropriately covered.

Review the contract.  Never settle for a verbal agreement. Contractors should always provide a written contract. A representative should come out to look at the property and make notes about services requested and potential obstacles. Get all of the details in writing and always read anything before you sign. Understand cancellation fees and any extra charges that may apply.

Split the payments. Find out how the company expects payment. Most snow plow contracts take two forms: pay per plowing or pay per season. If you choose a pay per season contract in a light snow season, the contractor is not obligated to refund any money. If you’re expected to pay all fees upfront – consider it a red flag. Most contractors will split fees into two or three payments – one at the beginning, middle and end of the season.

Beware of scams. Remember even if a business appears to be reliable, it does not mean it is. When a company is reluctant to answer questions, won’t supply proper information or unwilling to offer references – there could be cause for concern.

Check with us. BBB provides background information, complaint history, and resolution to complaints in our Business Reviews. Check out snow removal services at

Report a scam. If you spot a business or offer that sounds like an illegal scheme or fraud, tell us about it through BBB’s Scam Tracker. BBB’s Scam Tracker provides information on trending scams in our area.


Nov 14

(Re) Discover “BBB Business Profiles” – more than just a name change

(Re) Discover our new look BBB Business Profiles this week
Whether you’re looking for a new car or your next contractor, pretty much everyone does research online before buying. Finding a trusted business online is now easier with

For more than 100 years, Better Business Bureau has worked with businesses and consumers to build an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers trust each other.

BBB offers free resources and information for more than 5.3 million businesses to help people make smart buying decisions and to avoid fraud and scams.

This is a sample of a new BBB Business Profile

This is a sample of a new BBB Business Profile

Trust matters
Each day, nearly half a million people go to to look up businesses. BBB Business Profiles may have a new name and a new look, but the free information is all still there and easy to access. Each company’s BBB Business Profile includes:

  • Accreditation status

  • A company’s  BBB rating

  • Overview information

  • Customer Reviews

  • Complaints

  • Links to Request A Quote, File a Complaint, or Submit a Review

  • Map of business location

  • Pictures and videos from the business (if supplied)

  • Additional links to business’s social media pages, website, email, and phone numbers

BBB Business Profiles are a great resource for consumers to help them make wise purchasing decisions and build marketplace trust. As a nonprofit, BBB tries to report on all businesses and gives ratings when there is enough data for a company to earn a letter grade. Businesses may update their information or create a BBB Business Profile for free at

Before you make your next purchase, (Re) Discover for yourself how easy it is to access a business you can trust by using BBB Business Profiles.




Oct 13

Utility scam back in Upstate New York

Better Business Bureau of Upstate New York is warning people that a utility scam is back. National Grid says scammers are targeting its customers.

An old phone scam is back.

An old phone scam is back

Scammers are demanding payment over the phone saying they will shut off service if you do not comply.

Utility companies do sometimes contact their customers by phone, which can make it difficult to tell if it is a legitimate call.

BBB offers the following tips:

If they ask you to pay with a prepaid debit card or wire transfer,that is a big red flag. Most utilities accept check or credit card payments and will usually direct you to a payment location.

If you aren’t sure if it is legit, do not give your any of your personal information. This includes credit card, debit card, Social Security, ATM, checking or savings account numbers.

If you feel pressured for payment or information, hang up and call the customer service number on your bill. That way, you know you are speaking to a real representative.

Don’t allow anyone in your home unless you scheduled an appointment or reported a problem. Also, don’t go outside to view broken meters or point out property lines. Always ask utility employees for proper identification.

If you have questions or concerns, you can always call BBB at 800-828-5000 or check out our Scam Tracker for the latest information.


Oct 11

Secure Your ID Day

Better Business Bureau of Upstate New York hosted its annual Secure Your ID Day event on Saturday, October 8th.

Tops, Shred-It, and AT&T helped to make this event the largest it has ever been.

Over 1,700 people brought their old documents for free shredding and destruction.

Missed the event? Take a look at photos and videos shared by BBB of Upstate New York:


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