BBB advice in the wake of the Equifax cyber security incident

Equifax, Inc. this week was the target of a cyber security incident. As a result, it could impact over 143 million people in the United States.

This website will show people if their information is part of the breach.

Better Business Bureau of Upstate New York has some suggestions if you were affected by this cyber security incident:

Do not take a “wait and see” approach. Breaches involving personal information have the potential to be damaging victims and can be hard to fix.

Consider freezing your credit reports. Freezing your report doesn’t impact your current credit cards and accounts, rather it creates a roadblock for thieves who try to set up accounts using your information. Visit for more advice.

If your Social Security number is on the list you should place a fraud alert on your credit report. This step will provide an extra layer of protection in addition to the other steps listed.

Take advantage of any free credit monitoring services offered by Equifax. While this isn’t a preventive measure, it is another way to let you know about new accounts or inquiries so that you can act quickly to repair the damage.

Check your credit! You can get a free credit report at to check for any unauthorized charges or other signs of fraud (NOTE: This is the only free credit report option authorized by the Federal Trade Commission).

Over 143 million people could be affected by this cyber security incident.


For more information and complete step-by-step guidance on repairing the damage caused by identity theft, visit the FTC’s identity theft resources.

Equifax set up a website with information about the breach:


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