5 things to be aware of while playing Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO, an online game, is all the rage across the country. It is the most downloaded phone app in the U.S. It uses mapping software to create a virtual reality game. It gets people out and about in their neighborhoods to “catch” the game characters as they pop up on phone screens from various locations.

As with any viral trend, Better Business Bureau of Upstate New York is getting a lot of questions about the app.

A few security concerns came up. First, online reports claimed that the app accessed people’s Google accounts. Recently, a Huffington Post article showed only Google basic information was accessed by the app.

Make sure you remember the 5 things!

Make sure you remember the 5 things!

Another security concern? The threat of malware found in a version of Pokemon GO.

BBB advice: Only download apps from the store that works for your device. While you may think it is easy to download it from an email, chances are that could damage your device or try to steal your information.

Click here for BBB’s 5 things you need to know about Pokemon GO. 


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