Banks are now targets for spam messages

Check your text messages for spam…scammers pretending to be banks are sending messages to people, hoping they can get your personal or banking information!

Better Business Bureau of Upstate New York is getting reports to our Scam Tracker about spam text messages, similar to this example:

"Bank" sent this scam text message

This is an example of a scam bank text message received over the weekend.

Looks pretty scary, doesn’t it? 

“Your debit card is locked.”

But is it?

BBB says ask yourself the following questions:

Look closely at the message you received, do you even have an account at that bank?

Does the phone number look familiar?

Did you sign up for text message alerts? 

BBB staff called the phone numbers on the message. One was disconnected, the other gave a busy signal.

BBB worked with Matt Malloy from 13 WHAM news on this story.  He received a text message as well, called the number and it asked him to enter his full account number. Banks have your information, so it shouldn’t prompt you to enter your full account number.

BBB advice: If you get a text message, take a minute to do a little research.  

Check the name of the bank. Do you have an account with that bank?

Check the phone number. Is that the correct number for the bank? The best way to find out is to check the back of a credit or debit card for a customer service number. If you are concerned, call that number first, not the number on the message.

Don’t click on a link. If the text message contains a link, do not click, it could contain malware.

Click here to read the story.  Remember you can always call BBB if you have any questions. To learn more about trending scams in your area, check out BBB’s Scam Tracker. 



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