IRS imposters are still at it

As we get closer to the tax filing deadline of April 18th, Better Business Bureau of Upstate New york wants everyone to know that tax and IRS imposters are still at it… they’re making calls trying to trick people into paying taxes they don’t owe.

Did you get a call from Steve Martin, Ron Schneider, Kevin Mason, Vicki Thompson or Dennis Gray? Or, did you get a message?


This is one of the things the IRS imposters are telling people over the phone.

“You will be arrested if you do not make restitution immediately. This is your last chance before going to jail.”

“Hello, official final notice from IRS. The IRS is ready to bring a lawsuit against you. To find out more about this case please call our department number.”

Several Upstate New Yorkers reported receiving calls from these names and messages like these to Better Business Bureau’s Scam Tracker. The good news is: None of them got scammed out of any money. They all recognized the scam and reported it so that others will know, too.

Other tactics
A BBB team member recently received a call from a Rochester-area woman who said the IRS scammers told her they came to her house several times to see her but she wasn’t home.

A Niagara County woman told police the IRS scammers asked her for iTunes gift cards as payment.

The IRS is warning people of a new twist on the scam
: The imposters are calling people saying they have their tax returns, but they need to verify information before sending it out.

If you receive a call, remember:
The IRS will never call you
Don’t wire any money
Just hang up and don’t call back
Never give out your personal information or banking

If you get an email, BBB offers this advice:
Don’t reply to the message
Don’t give out your personal or financial information
Forward the email to, then delete it
Don’t open any attachments or click on any links
Report the email to BBB’s Scam Tracker

For a list of the latest IRS scam warnings, click here. For real-time scam information, visit BBB’s Scam Tracker. 


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    • Petra on May 7, 2016 at 2:20 PM
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    I recently (5/6/2016) received a call from 315-307-3668, Syracuse NY. I didn’t pick up. Woman with accent (hard to understand) left me threatening message. Something about a warrant issued in my case and that I will go to the jail. Luckily, my fiance is a police officer and knew right away something is wrong. he run the number and found out it’s a scam. I’m located in Chicago and have 773 area code. Hope these garbage people will be arrested one day.

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