Business email phishing scams-do you know the signs? Tips from BBB

We all know an email from the boss is important. Scammers know this, too which is why new phishing emails are targeting businesses.

Several Better Business Bureau office and reports to our Scam Tracker show the email scam is getting bigger.

Several businesses let us know about these emails. But it turns out big businesses are not immune to scammers.

Email phishing is occurring in your work inbox, too.

Email phishing is occurring in your work inbox, too.

The first company was Snapchat, now it’s Seagate Technology.

Inbox scams that target businesses range from fake invoice scams to emails “from the boss.”

Talk to your team. Make sure they’re aware of the risk of fraud and know how to identify suspicious calls and emails. Tell them it’s okay to ask questions. Also, tell them to be wary of strange requests or phone calls demanding payment or sensitive human resource information.

Have a point-person. Make one employee the “go-to” for issues regarding your payments or sensitive information.  For employees in your accounting department, develop a process to verify and confirm requests for transfers of funds.

Protect your login ins. If you receive an email that appears to be from a vendor asking you to log in, simply call that vendor to confirm the email is legit.

When in doubt, delete it. If the email is legitimate, your vendor will send it again. Remember you can always call a vendor to confirm the email is real.



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