Facebook scam alert

Another Facebook scam is going around. This time, people are sharing a link for a $200 grocery coupon from Wegmans.

wegmans scam

This is an example of the fake Wegmans offer on Facebook

This is what people see when they click on the link.

An alert from CNYCentral.com says a Wegmans representative has confirmed this is fake. 

We’ve seen this before. Most recently, with Dick’s Sporting Goods.

To avoid falling victim to “click bait” or other spam offers on Facebook:

Check the URL. This was the URL for the Wegmans offer:

wegmans url

This is NOT the correct website for Wegmans

Wegmans URL is wegmans.com.

Don’t click on a Facebook link before checking it out independently. Hover over a link to see its true destination.  Also, don’t click on links leading to unfamiliar websites.

If the offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Con artists often use names of legitimate and popular companies or organizations to help lend credibility to a scheme. They will create an offer that is especially appealing to a large amount of people.

Attempting to claim a fake offer will likely prompt you to answer spam surveys, trick you into entering usernames, passwords and personal information or to download a program which could contain a virus.

When in doubt, check with BBB or head over to our Scam Tracker tool. 


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